10 – 4 P.M.


As the days shorten, and we approach the festive season, we need to take even more time to replenish our energy, and self care.

Our online retreat day is specially designed to nurture and nourish you body, soul and mind as we focus inward drawing inspiration from the magical aura of the New Moon.

Included in the day is: myofascial release, Moon Oracle meditation and journaling, breathwork, ecstatic dance, tea ceremony, moon astrology, aromatherapy self-massage and restorative yoga.

Every hour we have a break from our screens with an hours’ break for lunch in the middle of the day.

Every participant will receive their own self-care pack with nurturing items for our day together.

We are limiting spaces on our Winter Moon Circle to ensure you get the best possible experience.

To book your place or for more information please email:

EARLY BIRD OFFER UNTIL FRIDAY 20TH NOVEMBER – £40 / £35 (low income / members of Space to BE wellness hub

Regular price: £45/£40

Two souls shared screen: £70

Please note there is an additional fee for international postage.



Comfy clothing, yoga mat, bolster or 2 pillows, 2 cushions, 2 blankets, 2 tennis balls, 2 blocks or thick books, a pen, and the contents of your self-care package.  

 About our Guides:

Lizzie McGhee 


Lizzie believes her purpose is sharing the tools of yoga which bring her balance, peace and spiritual curiosity. She is passionate about yoga philosophy, the ways in which yoga can bring you deeper into your intuition and grow awareness of your inner balance of yin and yang. To Lizzie, yoga is a practice of grounding and acceptance, of feeling at home in your own skin, as well as a practice of growth; of gaining perspective and exploring our spiritual selves. She specialises in Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release as well enjoying a passion for essential oils. Music is Lizzie’s life force and she brings this into the practice, sharing her voice and message through soothing lullaby.

Noelle Harrison


With a life-long passion for yoga, Noelle’s journaling, meditation and restorative practices are an integral part of her work as a published author of ten novels, teacher of creative writing and yoga, and reader of Tarot Cards, Karmic Astrology and Rune Stones.

Noelle’s teaching aims to connect to the heart and nurture the intuition. Unblocking the healing power of creativity through expression and exploration, Noelle’s teachings awaken and restore.

Both Lizzie & Noelle teach weekly live stream yoga, meditation & journaling classes on the wellness hub with drop-in donations from £5/ memberships from £15.99. Find out more here

Any Questions?

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What is journaling?

Journaling is a powerful tool for releasing our thoughts and emotions through words, as well as finding joy in the pleasure of creativity. Moving through guided meditation into journaling practice we can connect to our true selves.

What is Moon Astrology?

Moon astrology looks at the Zodiac placement of the moon at the time of your birth.  The Moon in our chart is our inner expression and reflects our instinctive, intuitive and inner worlds. Our moon astrology can give us information on what we need to feel safe, nurtured, and how to connect to our subconscious and gain wisdom through the feminine side of ourselves.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for wellness. In our Samhain retreat we use our essential oil blend as a means for sensuality and openness.

What is Myofascial Release?

Integrated into gentle yogic movement, myofascial release relaxes contracted muscles, improving blood flow, lymphatic circulation and relieves tension built up in our connective tissue. It is a powerful therapy for easing physical discomfort and pain, as well as releasing emotional suffering and hurt from the past.

We look forward to sharing our Winter Moon Circle on our day of nurture and insight.


 Testimonials for Aurora Writers’ Retreats

‘Thank you, Noelle and Lizzie so much for a heart-warming and powerful Samhain experience. It was just what I needed and I felt so safe and nurtured in the beautiful space you created online. I actually felt myself transported to those standing stones! It’s so important that people get the chance to connect in such a way. So HURRAH for Noelle and Lizzie and the Circle!’

Sandra, Scotland.

‘The Samhain Circle was a truly magical evening led by Lizzie & Noelle. Each practice well thought out to nurture and nourish. Lizzie & Noelle’s knowledge, passion and authenticity shone through.  From the moment I joined the virtual circle to the final moments after savasana, I felt comfort and community. I think there’s something quite special in that. Thank you!’

Julie, Scotland

‘I first of all want to thank you both for a wonderful Sunday. I often struggle to spend an hour doing such worthwhile things, to have a day retreat was BLISS! Lizzie and Noelle delivered everything they promised, and more! I felt connected and held and I was surprised at how connected I was to the other goddesses!’

Kirsty, Scotland

‘A wonderfully nurturing and creative day. I found the pairing of yoga and writing very evocative. Thank you!’

Claire, Scotland.

‘Such an enriching experience with a great bunch of women.’

Lynne, Scotland.

‘I love yoga but had never seen myself as at all interested in creative writing – indeed I hadn’t written anything that wasn’t for study or for work for more than 40 years, and wasn’t sure it was something I could do at all.  Noelle and Vanessa put together a wonderfully integrated day where different kinds of yoga and prompts to writing flowed together effortlessly.  And I’m not sure how, but a poem flowed out of me – leaving me delighted and refreshed that a seam of creativity had opened up. ‘

Kate, Scotland.

‘I’m now going to incorporate yoga into my writing routine as I left the retreat feeling positive and relaxed. I can’t wait for the next retreat, I’ll definitely be going back.  I met a lot of welcoming lovely people who I hope to keep in touch with. We also had use of the spa at David Lloyd afterwards which rounded off a perfect day. I highly recommend Aurora Writer’s retreats.’

Jodie, Scotland.

You can read a full review of Jodie’s experience on our Beltane Retreat day on her blog right here

‘After a day at Aurora Writers Into The Light Yoga & Creative retreat in Edinburgh, I am adorned with the armour of my intrepid warrior self, the peaceful warrior and the creative warrior. No longer shall I walk this journey of literary and creative discovery on my own. No longer shall I be the lackey of self-doubt and trepidation. With my new literary companions from Aurora’s Writers’ Retreats forever by my side, fuelling me with the memories of an unforgettable and powerful session and a connectivity that stretches from Harrogate to Scotland, across to Norway and around the world, bringing together all women who have a bloody good story to tell.’

Francesca, Harrogate, U.K.

You can read Francesca’s full review of the retreat day on

Tarot & Writing Testimonials

‘Noelle gives you confidence and holds space for everyone to ask questions, develop their knowledge and intuition. The exercise and meditations were a new way to connect to my deck and my readings have become clearer since I started the course. I would highly recommend this course for anyone that would like to learn about tarot or even deepen their knowledge of it.’ (Anais)

‘Both courses were extremely in depth and engaging, and have given me a new appreciation for the Tarot. There’s really nothing I can fault about the classes; the notes were extensive, the subject matter was beyond interesting, and your calming and knowledgeable presence gave the courses a very welcoming atmosphere.’ (Euan)

‘This course was excellent! I learned so much about Tarot and Noelle was a fantastic teacher. Of course, you can’t expect to do this and suddenly be amazing at Tarot reading. It takes practice but Noelle and everyone else on the course were so supportive and I was always made to feel very welcome. The sessions were manageable to attend via Zoom and it was nice meeting new people with a common interest.’ (Jess)

‘This retreat put me in the autumn spirit while giving me an invaluable tool for creative writing and development. The symbolism, imagery, and energy of the Tarot are a perfect vehicle for creative thinking. Noelle and Becky’s expert guidance has enabled me to use Tarot in my regular writing practice to generate new concepts and ideas, as well as develop current projects and overcome blocks. My current project already feels more nuanced and meaningful after the insight I gained from the retreat. Thank you!’


‘I found the idea of using tarot cards in creative writing very original and inspiring. A great deck of cards could help anyone come up with new ideas for their story, or help them go over some writer’s block they might have. I recommend the tarot decks I used: one is a tarot with illustrations by Nicoletta Ceccoli, the other one is the Deviant Moon tarot by Patrick Valenza.
Noelle & Becky taught us some helpful techniques that we could use in order to improve our creative writing process. Highly recommended.’

Autumn Writing Retreat Ireland 2018 Testimonials

‘Noelle’s course is helpful, fruitful, and satisfying. The weekend as a whole is a delight and Noelle has a way of bringing out imagination in everyone, which results in stellar writing. The setting was idyllic and the community feeling among us was warming to my soul! I wish everyone, writer or not, would take this course to experience a positive outlet to express inner creativity and to dive into their subconscious. I continued to write my short story well beyond the retreat and was motivated to keep going. A great writing event and wonderful life experience!’

Elizabeth, U.S.