We believe in supporting other writers, and encouraging the creation of new work. With this in mind Aurora Writers’ Noelle Harrison offers a critiquing service for new and emerging writers.

For over ten years, Noelle has also provided a critiquing service through The Inkwell Group in Ireland, and directly through her own Contacts Page. Many of the writers she has worked with have gone on to have their books published.

Noelle is also one of six Editorial Board Members of Scottish Book Trust’s What’s Your Story! Their Online Magazine for 13 – 19 year olds providing constructive and positive feedback for young people, with the aim of fostering new writing talent in Scotland.

Noelle’s approach is to build confidence, while providing clear guidelines on how to improve the work. She provides a variety of options from appraisal of the first thirty pages to detailed content and line feedback with an extensive report. To read more on Noelle’s own books click here.



  • Short Story up to 5000 words: £95 (100 euros)

This in-depth critique of your short story, with annotation, will enable you to create a polished story ready for submission to journals or competitions, or just for your own enjoyment!

  • First Thirty Pages of double – spaced full length manuscript: £300  (340 euros)

If you have never shown your manuscript to anyone before, we would recommend having the first 30 pages of your manuscript critiqued initially. In this way, Noelle can identify any key issues for your book, without you having to go to the additional cost of having the whole book critiqued. This option allows you the space to work on a new draft of your book with confidence and direction.

  • In-depth Report of all manuscript: £9 (10 euros) per 1,000 words

This includes a comprehensive report (12/14 pages in length) covering all aspects of the manuscript providing you with a clear vision for your novel.

  • In-depth Report plus annotation: £10 (11 euros) per 1,000 words
  • + Optional Feedback discussion @ £50 for an hour session on Skype / in person (travel expenses additional to fee) 

As well as the in-depth report, I work through your manuscript providing detailed annotation line by line. This is the most thorough form of critiquing and is of value if your next step is to submit your book to agents and publishers.If you would like to have an additional conversation about your book once you have absorbed all the feedback you have the option of an additional conversation on Skype or if the location suits I can meet you in person .

  • Writing Mentorships – Quotes Available on Request   

If you would like an even more in-depth approach, Noelle may be available to mentor you during the process of the completion of your novel. This option includes three mentoring sessions of one hour each (either in person or on skype) along with your in-depth report, and feedback on your re-writes. Noelle only takes on two (at the most three) mentoring projects at one time to ensure she can devote the right amount of time to each writer’s work.


After 3 drafts, I still struggled to cut my massive word count! I was too close to my work and really needed someone who could run a red pen through my endless pages and kill those darlings. I was nervous about sharing my work and feel so lucky to have found Noelle. Her critique was thoughtful, honest, and so insightful. She was very professional throughout the process, keeping me updated along the way. Noelle helped me to identify common mistakes I made while encouraging me to keep going rather than knocking my confidence. Thanks to her thorough feedback, I am now working on what I’m sure will be my final draft.”

Melissa Collins, Ireland (2017)

‘I wrote The Spirit of the Lake, an idea that I had been tolling with for a while. But Noelle managed to make me focused and together we turned the story into something that I am really proud of!’

Nina Rolland, Bergen, Norway.