PURE FICTION – The Craft of Creative Writing with Noelle Harrison

What does all fiction have in common whether historical novels, crime, fantasy, science fiction or horror? It is the importance of authenticity, but how do you write about something you may never have experienced?purefiction

PURE FICTION is an in-depth weekend writing workshop on the art of creating fiction. It will be a fun and stimulating two days suitable for all those who wish to write fiction whether beginners or more experienced.
Under the guidance of author Noelle Harrison participants will learn how to go beyond their own life experience to create identifiable fiction no matter when or where their story is set. Although the course will be taught in English, participants can choose to write in English or Norwegian.


Through a series of workshops and practical exercises guided by Noelle you will explore:

· How to go beyond your own life experience and create identifiable fiction for your readers.

· How to write about places you have never been to and time-periods you have never lived in.

· How to create authentic characters of different gender, age or background and realistic dialogue.

· How to craft genuine register for your characters through their language, its vocabulary and pacing.

· How to world build whether it is Ancient Rome, a magical kingdom, a haunted house, or the year 3000 AD!

· How to suspend your readers’ disbelief through structure, storyline, and subtext.

Saturday 17th March, from 10.00 – 17.00
Sunday 18th March, from 10.00 – 16.30

Both days at Fossestova, Litteraturhuset in Bergen, Norway


Course fee: 2000,- NOK
Course fee includes coffee, tea and fruit.


For registration, questions and information about the course program, send an email to skrivekunstkollektiv@gmail.com

Please include a few words about yourself.

Kurset foregår på engelsk. For påmelding og mer informasjon send en e-post til skrivekunstkollektiv@gmail.com

Noelle Harrison (b. 1967) is the Irish author of ten novels, and has been translated into over 13 different languages. Her short stories have been published in Lines of Vision, Irish Writers on Irish Art, and in Gutter Magazine of New Scottish Writing.

She has won The Meath Chronicle Short Story Award, and has been shortlisted for the Molly Keane Short Story Award, and The Hennessey New Irish Writing Short Story Award. Noelle has extensive experience of teaching writing workshops in Ireland, Scotland, Norway and London, and is a founder of Aurora Writers Retreats.

In February 2017 Noelle co-hosted Aurora Writers Retreats First Days of Spring Writing Retreat in the Scottish Borders. In November 2017, she ran the popular Picture This! weekend workshop at Litteraturhuset in Bergen co-hosted by Skrivekunstkollektivet in Norway.
Having lived in Bergen for several years, Noelle now lives and works in Edinburgh in Scotland. Her new novel, The Gravity of Love, will be published by Black & White Publishing in May 2018.



‘I took part in Aurora Writers’ two-day writer’s retreat in Lauder, Scotland in February 2017 with Noelle Harrison and Melody Nixon.  Their approach was clear, practical and inspiring.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced writer,
the teaching catered to every level.  Noelle and Melody’s experience, knowledge and know-how leaves you roaring to write.  If you get the chance to attend one of Aurora Writers’ Retreats don’t pass it up!’

Ila Moldenhauer, Bergen, Norway

“My experience with Noelle, both working with her and attending PICTURE THIS!, is that she is a devoted and charismatic teacher. She connects with participants in a very special way so that the creative work is focused. Noelle has built very structured yet dynamic and enriching courses. The fact that she guides you step-by-step make her courses particularly attractive. The result is that you get to experience what she is teaching rather than hear about it. Creative blocks and fear of writing melt away and creativity kicks in. By taking one of Noelle’s writing courses, I believe you get a deeper understanding of what the craft of writing is and what your role should be in wanting to master it.”

Karen Rosenstock, Litteraturhuset Bergen & Skrivekunstkollektivet

Last year I did a short story course with Noelle Harrison at Aurora Writers. I wrote The Spirit of the Lake, an idea that I had been tolling with for a while. But Noelle managed to make me focused and together we turned the story into something that I am really proud of! If you have time and chance to do a course with Noelle, don’t hesitate!!

Nina Rolland, Bergen, Norway.