Aurora Writers’ Retreats

We are a collective of writers passionate about creating time, space and motivation for others to deepen the practice of writing through our creative writing retreats set in locations of natural beauty around the world.


Our next retreat day is:



on Sunday 28th October 2018

at David Lloyd Gym, Newhaven, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Unblock your creativity. Nurture your ideas. Give them energy to flourish while building writing focus on our very special Writing & the Tarot Samhuinn Retreat. Join us to celebrate the Gaelic Fire Festival of Samhuinn in preparation for a winter filled with days of creative fruition.


 Samhuinn marks the beginning of winter. A time of year to reflect on the power of our creative dreams and take action. Noelle and Becky’s Writing and the Tarot Retreat is a symbiosis of inner reflection and outer expression, fuelled by inspiration from the cards.

Through a balance of meditation, exploring the cards and guided writing exercises, you will learn to harness the power of the Tarot as fuel for self-expression to open up your creativity.

Whether you are a complete beginner to the Tarot looking to explore different ways of finding your inner voice and creativity, a writer looking for new inspiration or someone with experience of the Tarot looking for new ways to channel your readings into creative energy, this Samhuinn Retreat offers you something special.  We create a safe, creative space to deepen your relationship with yourself and the cards, while also connecting with a small intimate group in a nurturing and restorative environment.

Any Questions or to book your place? Email: noelle.harrison5@gmail.com  

Ph: +44 (0)7391031652
On twitter: @AuroraWriters

Each of our Aurora Writing Retreats has a different focus connected to the time of year, and its location, while taking a holistic approach to the practice of writing.

Working in collaboration with other writers, artists, and yoga instructors, we have developed a retreat method that nurtures and supports participants whether they are beginning to write, working on a book, or established as a published author.


For full details of our next retreats, please click here, or call us on: +44 (0) 7391031652 email us at: noelle.harrison5@gmail.com, or visit us on Twitter: @aurorawriters.


 ‘Noelle’s Pure Fiction writer’s workshop turned into Pure Inspiration. Spending the weekend with an incredible author who freely shared her vast knowledge was simply amazing and by Sunday evening I felt like a completely new person. New doors of wisdom had been opened to me. I learned concrete techniques I could implement straight away, got loads of invigorating encouragement, and have been busy writing ever since. You’ll know where to find me the next time Noelle’s in town.’

Hilde Fossen, Bergen, Norway.


Noelle with Pure Fiction Retreat Group March 2018 in Bergen, Norway.

‘I took part in Aurora Writers’ two-day writer’s retreat in Lauder, Scotland in February 2017 with Noelle Harrison and Melody Nixon.  Their approach was clear, practical and inspiring.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced writer,
the teaching catered to every level.  Noelle and Melody’s experience, knowledge and know-how leaves you roaring to write.  If you get the chance to attend one of Aurora Writers’ Retreats don’t pass it up!’

Ila Moldenhauer, Bergen, Norway



MELODY with our Scottish Writing Retreat group Spring 2017

“My experience with Noelle, both working with her and attending PICTURE THIS!, is that she is a devoted and charismatic teacher. She connects with participants in a very special way so that the creative work is focused. Noelle has built very structured yet dynamic and enriching courses. The fact that she guides you step-by-step make her courses particularly attractive. The result is that you get to experience what she is teaching rather than hear about it. Creative blocks and fear of writing melt away and creativity kicks in. By taking one of Noelle’s writing courses, I believe you get a deeper understanding of what the craft of writing is and what your role should be in wanting to master it.”

Karen Rosenstock, Litteraturhuset Bergen & Skrivekunstkollektivet

Last year I did a short story course with Noelle Harrison at Aurora Writers. I wrote The Spirit of the Lake, an idea that I had been tolling with for a while. But Noelle managed to make me focused and together we turned the story into something that I am really proud of! If you have time and chance to do a course with Noelle, don’t hesitate!!

Nina Rolland, Bergen, Norway.


NOELLE with our PICTURE THIS! group in Norway 2017

‘A wonderfully nurturing and creative day. I found the pairing of yoga and writing very evocative. Thank you!’

Claire Wingfield, Dunfermline, U.K.

‘Such an enriching experience with a great bunch of women.’

Lynne Dickson, U.K.

‘After a day at Aurora Writers Into The Light Yoga & Creative retreat in Edinburgh, I am adorned with the armour of my intrepid warrior self, the peaceful warrior and the creative warrior. No longer shall I walk this journey of literary and creative discovery on my own. No longer shall I be the lackey of self-doubt and trepidation. With my new literary companions from Aurora’s Writers’ Retreats forever by my side, fuelling me with the memories of an unforgettable and powerful session and a connectivity that stretches from Harrogate to Scotland, across to Norway and around the world, bringing together all women who have a bloody good story to tell.’

Francesca Hepton, Harrogate, U.K.


VANESSA at our Yoga & Creative Writing Retreat in Edinburgh